Relationship advice for guys: how not to attract the wrong woman in your life
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Welcome to the channel of matchmaking company PRIME - https://prime-match.com/, where 2-3 times per week we discuss an important issues of international dating, matchmaking, relationships and marriages with the single beautiful Ukrainian ladies, Ukrainian brides.

In our practice we often face the fact when a client comes to us, with a story of unsuccessful relationships in the past and still chooses the same type of lady that he did before. What then? The same type of relationships take place in his life again.

In this video you get a relationship advice on how to avoid attracting the wrong type of ladies into your life. We will tell you what is a healthy relationship, what are the signs of them, how to understand yourself first, identify who is your perfect match and then how to move closer to meeting this type of woman.

Love and relationships are among the basic needs of human beings, that's why people always pay attention to this part of their life, the seek, find, try to build happy relationships and start over and over again till they have what they dreamt about. And PRIME matchmaking company is your trustworthy partner in this search, if you only let us help you.

Please, share your experience in dating women and finding your only one. How did it happen? How did you understand she is for you and you are for her? What inner changes and transformations did you have before it?

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